Company & Partnership Law

Company Law is a wide and specialised field which at first sight is daunting to many. The 2006 Companies Act runs to more than  750 pages for example. We can bring our expertise and considerable experience to bear to de-mystify the subject and set out what needs to be done. We act  for businesses at every stage during the life of a private limited company. These stages include:- 

  • Setting up the Company and incorporating your business: what is involved and how do you do it.
  • Bank finance agreements , debentures ,personal guarantees and invoice discounting arrangements,
  • Private investment, director’s loans , share options and employee share schemes,
  • Control of the Company and providing for succession in family companies- shareholder agreements;
  • Disputes between the shareholders and/or directors;
  • Company restructurings, issuing of new shares and different classes of shares, hive-downs;
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and selling your shares, the Share Purchase Agreement, warranties and disclosures, confidentiality and lock out agreements, alternatives such as asset sales and joint venture agreements;
  • Finally the restoration of companies that have been inadvertantly struck off the register by Companies House.
  • Limited liability companies are not the only or indeed the most common business structure : the traditional Partnership remains an extremely  popular pattern. We can provide tailor-made partnership agreements to govern the running of the partnership. If the partnership breaks down we can take you through the difficult process  of buying out those who want to leave or winding up the partnership. In addition there is now the option of  a Limited Liability Partnership or LLP which combines some of the features of both companies and partnerships but has its own set of required documentation and procedures.
  • Lastly there are voluntary organisations, clubs and charities for  whom  Companies Limited by Guarantee  are increasingly attractive  because of the protection they offer to the trustees and officers. We can take you through the process of forming  a guarantee company drafting  a suitable constitution and  getting it up and running.

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