Employment Law

Employment is one of the most important things in your life whether you are an Employer or an Employee and since the 1960’s Parliament   has increasingly regulated every aspect of employment so that a whole series of proper  procedures to be followed has sprung up. The additional compensation that may be awarded by the law in an unfair dismissal can be very high so that  these issues matter very much to you.

We act for both Employers and Employees in these matters. Obviously if we find we have a conflict because we have previously acted for your opponent we will inform you and cannot act.

If you are an Employer and have received a form ET1 from a Tribunal ,we will advise you as   to the prospects of the claim, the grounds of your defence or the settlement of the claim and (if appropriate ) the process of fighting the claim before the Employment Tribunal.

Prevention is better than cure so that if you are considering a dismissal for redundancy or any other reason, if you  speak to us first we will provide practical guidance through the whole process  and inform you of the  procedures  to be followed to minimise  the risk of a wrongful or an  unfair dismissal claim. We can advise on all aspects of Compromise Agreements including drafting and getting them properly completed.

Employment law is not only about dismissals.  We can create both tailor-made  and template employment contracts to suit the needs of your business. We can provide written disciplinary and grievance procedures  to help you comply with the regulations and guide you through applying them in specific  cases. Sometimes all you need  is some advice as to how the continuing tide of regulation affects your business for example the  Working Time regulations, TUPE, equality and disability discrimination.

On the other side of the coin, if you are an Employee we can advise you on the terms of a contract or a Compromise Agreement that is being offered to you, or on a proposed change in your terms of employment.

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by your employer we can advise you as to your rights both under the contract and the general law. We can take you through the process of making a claim in the Employment Tribunal and arrange representation at that hearing.

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